Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for August 3rd, 2015

Snake River

Still fishing very well, especially in the Canyon reaches from South Park down to Sheep Gulch and from Jackson Lake Dam down to Pacific Creek. PMDs and caddis are about, but we are just now really starting to see a few Claassenia adults scurrying about on the banks and flying along the river corridor. Nothing off-the-charts, but it bodes well for the fishing we should have over the next couple of months.

Good fishing in the morning but things really take off in the afternoon and until dusk. This might change as water temperatures warm over the coming weeks, but this is the way things stands as of now, and have actually stood over the past few weeks. Banks are fishing best in the Canyon reach and from Pacific Creek down to Deadman’s Bar with streamers and large or moderately sized attractors. Riffles, seams, eddies, and bankside troughs are fishing well everywhere with just about anything from caddis/mayfly imitations to nymphs to streamers and big bug. Get out and fish side channels as much as you can during the day. A lot of fish are holding in these waters and small mayfly and caddis imitations are bringing them in with a bit more consistency than on the rest of the river, particularly from Deadman’s Bar down to South Park.

Effective dry flies – Chubby Chernobyls, Will’s Winged Chernobyls, Melon Bellies, Pearl Bellies, Circus Peanuts, Snake River Water Walkers, Parachute Hoppers, Dave’s Hoppers, Parachute Extended Body PMDs and Cahills, Comparaduns, Quigley Cripples, Booty’s PMD Emerger, Film Critics, and Stimulators.

Effective streamers – Kreelux, Chickletts, J.J. Specials, Cheech’s Leech, Silvey Sculpins, Gongas, Galloup’s Peanut Envy, and Arum’s Lil’ Kim.

Effective nymphs – Lightening Bugs, Rainbow Warriors, Psycho Princes, Robins, and Bloody Mary’s

South Fork

Flows from Palisades Reservoir are standing at a consistent 9,500cfs. Not much has changed from last week. You still have to be working for your trout, but staying focused and fishing hard will get you into a solid day. You will see a lot of fish, and with concentration you can hok your fair share. Caddis, PMDs, and the smaller golden stones are the bugs on the water as well as a smattering of grasshoppers.

During the morning hours your best plan of attack is to target banks, slow riffle tailouts and current margins, and flats with slow currents and moderate depths with #8 to #12 attractors and dropper nymphs. There are some takes on movement, but long drifts will really get them up. Expect the typical slow rises from cutthroats and try not to set the hook too soon.

Riffles are the hot water types to target with PMD emerger/dun imitations from late morning and on through the afternoon. Seams and eddies are also worth targeting with the same bugs during the same time period. 12pm to 5pm is the sweet spot. Water temps warm significantly after that, and action slows considerably.

Effective dry flies – J-Slams, Barrett’s Ant, Chubby Chernobyls, Snake River Water Walkers, Pavlovich’s Yellowstoner, T’s Flexi Griddle, Morrish Hoppers, Parachute Hoppers, Parachute Extended Body PMDs, Comparaduns, Pink Sulfur Emergers, Pheasant Tail Emergers, and Film Critics.

Effective nymphs – Lightening Bugs, Rainbow Warriors, Psycho Mays, Bruised Mays, Schmidt’s Goldie, Redemption BWOs, Peepshows, Juju Baetis, and Hickey’s Auto Nymph.

Effective streamers – Kreelux, Beck’s Super Bugger, and Sculpzillas.

Salt River

Hovering and stable at approximately 550 cfs. The Salt continues to fish well on the surface and with dropper nymphs, with the later ruling the day from about 10:30am until dusk and the former working throughout an entire fishing session. PMDs, caddis, and hoppers are the main fare on the water. Fishing both in riffles, seams and eddies. There is also a little more action on banks, so target your dry-dropper rigs there. Tandem dry rigs will work best in most waters. Allow some long drifts where possible, and good things can happen.

Effective dry flies – Winged Peanuts, Will’s Winged Chernobyls, SRA Chernobyls, Stimulator Xs, Jimmy Zs, Power Ants, Galloup’s Ant Acid, Parachute Extended Body PMDs, CDC Comparaduns, Booty’s PMD Emerger, Quigley Cripples, Film Critics, Stimulators, Goddard Caddis, and Tent-Wing Caddis

Effective Nymphs – Lightening Bugs, Psycho Princes, Light Brite Serendipities, San Juan Worms, and Bloody Marys.