Snake River Angler Fly Fishing Report for April 13th, 2015

Snake River

Variable weather over this past week, with some days in the 30s and light snow and other days sunny and deep into the 50s. Either way, the Snake continues to fish very well with adult midge imitations and streamers in the afternoon and nymphs throughout the day. Riffles and seams are the key target water with small dry flies. Shallow troughs between banks and shallow bars are also producing. You may see surface feeding everywhere in riffles and troughs, but you will still have to be on tight feeding lines with a solid drift. Streamers are working at the tail of riffles and in riffles pools, but there is also increasing action along banks, a sign that activity by trout is starting to vary as waters warm. Type III tips, as well as full-run intermediate lines and floating lines are producing best with moderate-speed retrieves.

Chironomids are the primary bug on the water. There are also a few Capnias still about. And every now and then we are seeing blue-winged olives, and even a couple of October caddis.

Effective dry flies – CDC Wing Midges, Griffith Gnats, Parasol Midges, Krystal Wing Midge Emergers, Furimsky BDEs, and Booty’s BWO Emerger.

Effective streamers – Peanut Envy, Silvey Sculpins, Arum’s Lil’ Kim, J.J Specials, Cheech’s El Camino, Booty’s Quad Bunny, Sculpzillas, and Galloup’s Sex Dungeon.

Effective nymphs – Pat’s Rubber Leg, Biot Bugs, Lightening Bugs, Copper Johns in red or olive, San Juan Worms, Booty’s Deep Stinker Nymph, Booty’s Day-2 Midge Pupa, Dorsey’s Mercury Midge, and Zebra Midges.


South Fork

The South Fork is still fishing well, and doing so through all kinds of weather this past week. The Upper reach in Swan Valley is fishing best, but the Canyon reach is coming on strong with streamers and nymphs and, at times, surface flies fished in side channels. Riffles, seams, and eddies are the best water to target with double nymph rigs. Flats are also productive in the afternoon. Streamers have been producing more and more each week over the past month or so, especially in the Canyon. The tail of riffles and seams are fishing best with streamers. Banks and submerged structure are a close second. Floating lines are all you will need. Intermediate and TYPE III tips are by no means overkill.

As on the Snake, Chironomids are the main bug that is active. Blue-winged olives are also being observed from time-to-time.

Effective nymphs – Pat’s Rubber Leg, RL Flashback Hares Ear Nymphs, San Juan Worms, Rainbow Warriors, Lightening Bugs, Copper Johns in red, olive, or black, Flashback Princes, Hickey’s Auto Nymph, Booty’s Deep Stinker Nymph, Bionic Midges, Zebra Midges, and Ice Cream Cone Midges.

Effective streamers – Lite Brite Zonkers, Bow River Buggers, Silvey Sculpins, Sculpzillas, J.J. Specials, Tequilley’s, Zoo Cougars, Beldar Buggers, and Galloup’s Sex Dungeon.

Effective dry flies – Griffith Gnats, Parasol Midges, Air-Flo Tricos, and Krystal Wing Midges.


Henry’s Fork

Not much has changed on the Henry’s Fork – it is still fishing well on all open sections. Nymphs are the name of the game in riffles and seams. There is increasing surface action in the same water with chironomid adult patterns in the afternoon. Action on surface patterns is occurring mostly at the head of riffles and seams, but don’t neglect drifting your flies through the tails. Submerged structure is becoming more of a productive target with nymphs and streamers. If fishing submerged structure with streamers, go with a floating line.

Effective nymphs – Pat’s Rubber Leg, PR Muskrats, 20-Inchers, Hickey’s Auto Nymph, Booty’s Deep Stinker Nymph, Rainbow Warriors, Flashback Princes, Copper Johns in red or black, LOF Pheasant Tails, Bionic Midges, Booty’s Day-2 Midge Pupa, Ice Cream Cone Midges, Dorsey’s Mercury Midge, and Zebra Midges.

Effective streamers – Kiwi Zonkers, Lite Brite Zonkers, Bow River Buggers, Beldar Buggers, and Clouser Minnows.

Effective dry flies – Griffith Gnats, CDC Wing Midges, Lite Brite Serendipities, Parachute Midges, and Air-Flo Tricos.