James Ferroni

After spending my first twenty-five years fishing and learning from New York and Ontario to the waters of the southwestern states, I moved to Jackson in 1995 to start my assault/education of this region’s rivers, lakes, creeks.  Planning on keeping all of this knowledge to myself, I worked hard for a dozen years hiking, wading, rowing, learning, and keeping it all quiet. Then I started fishing with guides on their days off. The die was cast. I started guiding, and sharing my knowledge and techniques in 2007. The never-ending learning and progression within our sport keeps me excited year after year! With effort, constant progression is inevitable! From true beginners, to seasoned, world traveling anglers, all can benefit from new/different ideas and perspectives. The only limits are those put upon ourselves. Come book a trip with me and we’ll polish the tools you have, and teach you something new!