Jim Reetz

Having grown up in the Rocky Mountains, fishing for trout has been second-nature to Jim since he was five. Jim grew up in Parker, Colorado and spent all family vacations camping & fly fishing throughout the Rockies. In addition to guiding in Jackson Hole for 20+ years, Jim has spent many seasons & trips chasing fish in the flats of the Florida Keys, 5 different Bahamian Islands and many different lodges & locations throughout Belize and Mexico. When he’s not guiding clients in WY, Jim resides in Auburn, Alabama, where he and his wife are raising their family.  In Alabama, however, his love for fly-fishing & people doesn’t end. Jim is founder of The OARS Foundation (oarsf.org)  a non profit organization that creates outdoor adventures for disabeled Veterans and differently abled children and their families.  Jim has placed both 1st & 2nd in the Jackson Hole One Fly Competition as a guide and is also a recipient of the Carmichael-Cohen Memorial Guide Award.    Jim’s expertise, patience, and outgoing personality make him highly special requested by many of Jackson’s local’s for multiple trips throughout the season.  So whether your new to the fly or looking for more next level instruction you may haven’t heard from other guides, Jim make each trip for his clients a memorable adventure and  enjoys guiding even more now then we he started.