Gordon Bailey

As a young man Gordon’s passion for fishing was first realized in the streams and rivers surrounding the Great Smoky Mountain National Park (N. C.).  After Graduating from Elon University with a bachelor’s degree in Sport and Event Management, he turned his eyes to the West; fishing and exploring much of the country between the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ocean.  Eventually settling temporarily in southern/Central Colorado, he had the opportunity to guide on several different rivers including the San Juan, Rio Grande, Dolores, Florida, and Arkansas. “I knew for a long time I wanted to center my career around working with people.  When fishing came into my life, it became clear very quickly that it was going to be my vehicle to accomplish that goal.  Halfway through my higher education I thought I would become a social worker, now I just joke that I am a social worker with a fly rod.” Growing up in a household full of educators, instructing others has been a large part of Gordon’s life since he can remember.  He revels in every detail and believes the guided fishing experience to be the perfect vessel to both teach and connect with others. In his free time Gordon enjoys hiking, photography, drawing, and both coaching and playing lacrosse.